U.S. Uranium Production Facilities: Operating History and Remediation Cost Under Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project as of 2000

Luther Smith

This report provides information for 26 former uranium-ore processing sites and a brief history of the production of uranium for sale to the Federal Government under the early 1940s through 1970 procurement programs. For each site covered in this report, a general history is provided of the uranium processing operation. A brief description is given of the surface cleanup activities, remediation responsibility, post cleanup site stewardship, disposal of radioactively contaminated materials, and approach to groundwater cleanup under the Uranium Mill Tailings Remediation Control Act Project. A table for each former processing site provides information relating to its years of operation, uranium production, size of area remediated, disposal cell level of radioactivity, and Uranium Mill Tailings Remediation Control Act Project final cost. There are links provided to background information, the uranium mills summary table, a glossary and references. There are three ways to view individual mill site pages; by clicking on a map, mill name links, or from the uranium mills summary table.

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