BIO2010: Transforming Undergraduate Education for Future Research Biologists
National Resource Council 2003 Washington, D.C.

Biological sciences have been revolutionized, not only in the way research is conducted but also in how research findings are communicated among professionals and to the public. Yet, the undergraduate programs that train biology researchers remain much the same as they were before these fundamental changes came on the scene.

This new volume provides a blueprint for bringing undergraduate biology education up to the speed of today s research fast track. It includes recommendations for teaching the next generation of life science investigators.

The committee presents a dozen brief case studies of exemplary programs at leading institutions and lists many resources for biology educators.

This report from the Bio2010 committee offers many suggestions for faculty who would like to improve their teaching in order to best prepare the next generation of biological researchers for future opportunities. It presents examples of what others have done and resources for further investigation. It also calls on colleges, universities, and others to provide support for faculty who want to devote energy to improving teaching and to producing new teaching materials. It is hoped that the reader will use these ideas to initiate discussions on the goals and methods of teaching used within their own department, institution, or professional society. The full report is available in print and online.

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