Late Archaean superplume events: a Kaapvaal-Pilbara perspective
P. Eriksson, K. Condie, W. Westhuizen, R. Merwe, H. Bruiyn, D. Nelson, W. Altermann, O. Catuneanu, A. Bumby, J. Lindsay, M. Cunningham 2002 Journal of Geodynamics v34 p207-247

This paper, published in the journal Geodynamics, summarizes evidence for superplume events in the Kaapvaal (South Africa) and Pilbara (Australia) regions. Flood basalts and graben-related sedimentary-volcanic deposits are interpreted as evidence for a global superplume event at 2.7 Ga. A possible second superplume event at 2.5 Ga may have been responsible for transgressive successions in both of these regions, but the evidence is less clear than the 2.7 Ga event.

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Focus on the Cretaceous: Sea Level, Sedimentary Basins, Stratigraphy, Magmatism, Paleogeography, Tectonics