The Mississippi Embayment, North America: A first order continental structure generated by the Cretaceous superplume mantle event
Randel Cox, Roy Van Arsdale 2002 Journal of Geodynamics v34 p163-176

The authors of this paper published in the Journal of Geodynamics had previously argued that the Mississippi Embayment formed as a result of the westward passage of faulted crust (Mississippi Valley graben) over the Bermuda hotspot in the mid-Cretaceous. In this paper, they suggest that magmatic activity and pronounced uplift in the Mississippi Valley graben region may have been a result of increased hotspot flux of the typically weak Bermuda hotspot during the Cretaceous superplume mantle event (120-80 Ma).

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Focus on the Cretaceous: Sedimentary Basins, Tectonics, Places-Cretaceous Geology, MagmatismKeyword: Bermuda hotspot