Educational Testing and Measurement: Classroom application and practice. (7th Ed.)
Tom Kubiszyn, Gary Borich 2002 John Wiley and Sons Hoboken, NJ

The Seventh Edition of Educational Testing and Measurement retains its jargon-free, reader-friendly, conversational style, and continues to emphasize practical assessment strategies that prepare teachers-in-training for today's challenges in measuring student progress. A new chapter (Chapter 2) addresses in balanced fashion the issues and controversies that surround the rapidly spreading high-stakes testing phenomenon. The text provides practical strategies to help both teachers and students enhance performance and cope with the stresses of high-stakes testing. In the new edition, Kubiszyn and Borich also expand the coverage of essay items with many new examples and include new information about the assessment of higher-order thinking, knowledge organization and use of open-book exams.

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