Initial Publication Date: March 8, 2011

Review Processes for Quantitative Skills Teaching Activities

The Teaching Quantitative Skills in the Geosciences project led the way in terms of developing criteria against which teaching activities could be reviewed for quality. But the review process employed evolved over the length of the project.


At the 2004 workshop, participants were asked to peruse activities submitted by others in their disciplinary group prior to the workshop. The groups then convened early in the workshop to discuss the materials and make suggestions for improvements. No rubrics or guidelines were provided to the participants to use in this review, but group discussions during the workshop helped to develop a set of criteria to use going forward.


At the 2005 workshop, participants were provided an initial set of criteria to use in review each others' activities.

After conducting the reviews and giving feedback to the authors, the criteria themselves were discussed and revised in order to make them more useful and effective. The group also drafted a list of things that are characteristic of well-designed activities.


At the 2006 workshop, participants used the review criteria and characteristics developed in 2005 to evaluate each others' activities, after which they made action plans for revising their activities.