Petra Dekens

Geosciences, Earth & Climate Sciences

San Francisco State University

Workshop Participant, Website Contributor

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Activities (3)

Ocean Circulation part of Oceanography:Activities
In this lab students explore data for examining both surface and deep ocean circulation. It is done in a lab setting and usually takes ~2.5 hours.

Temperature/Salinity/Density activity part of Introductory Courses:Activities
This is an in-class activity designed to improve the students' understanding of the relationships between temperature and density, salinity and density, and density differences in driving vertical water ...

El Nino Southern Oscillation part of Oceanography:Activities
This is a lab activity done in class (equipped with computers) and taught by TA's. The lab section is 2.5 hours, but this activity does not take that entire time period.

Courses (2)

Our Dynamic Oceans part of Oceanography:Courses
A GE course designed to be a survey course of introductory oceanography

Introduction to Oceanography part of Introductory Courses:Courses
Principles and components of the dynamic ocean system. Formation of ocean basins, oceanic influences on climate; currents; waves and tides; human relationship to and impact on the ocean; resources. Designed for ...