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Mapping extensional crack arrays in asphalt as normal fault system physical analogues part of Structural Geology:Activities
Students map extensional crack arrays in asphalt, at full-scale, using long pieces of inexpensive craft paper and markers, map the connections between individual cracks in the arrays, and study (descriptively) ...

On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Collection This activity is part of the On the Cutting Edge Exemplary Teaching Activities collection.
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Global tectonics part of Structural Geology:Structure, Geophysics, and Tectonics 2012:Courses
Global Tectonics is our capstone course. Half of the course is devoted to getting a handle on basic plate kinematics (which is not covered explicitly in any other courses). Half of the course explores topics that ...

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Kevin Charles Antony Burke's (Ph.D.) Bibliography of Papers on African Geology (Complied by John Weber, GVSU, 04/30/17) part of Integrate:Workshops and Webinars:Pan-African Approaches to Teaching Geoscience:Essays
John Weber, Grand Valley State University Over his long and productive career, Kevin Burke has enjoyed studying the geology and tectonics of Africa. He has produced over 50 first-author papers and close to 20 ...

Plate tectonics: A deep time and planetary perspective part of Rates and Time:Workshop 2012:Essays
John Weber, Geology Department, Grand Valley State University James Lawrence Powell, in his poignant and insightful popular science book, Mysteries of Terra Firma, lists and discusses the three big ideas ...

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New GPS Evidence for Continental Transform Fault Creep, Central Range Fault, Trinidad, Caribbean-South American Plate Boundary and Geological/Hazard Implications part of Structural Geology:2014 Structure and Tectonics Forum Abstracts
John Weber, Grand Valley State University Chris Churches, Grand Valley State University Richard Robertson, UWI-SRC Pete La Femina, PSU Halldor Geirsson, PSU Most continental plate boundary transform faults exhibit ...

New Thermochronologic, Paleomagnetic, and Fault-Slip Constraints on Pliocene Tectonics and Provenance, North Coast Marine area, Trinidad and Tobago part of Structural Geology:2014 Structure and Tectonics Forum Abstracts
John Weber, Grand Valley State University Jenny Arkle, University of Cincinnati Scott Giorgis, SUNY-Geneseo Jean-Claude Hippolyte, Aix-Marseille Université Many important gas reservoir units in the North Coast ...