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Activities (2)

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Earth Materials and Ancient Cultures part of Introductory Courses:Activities
Students investigate properties of earth materials through the lens of art and archeology. It allows ties to other required core curriculum courses (particularly classics and art history), and integrates the use of ...

Correlating building stone type with building age to introduce the concept of dating rocks using index fossils part of Urban Geology:Activity Ideas
Contributed by: Wayne Powell, Brooklyn College Topics: building stones, rocks, rock properties, correlation, relative and absolute dating, index fossils, geologic history Course Type: introductory level This ...

Courses (2)

General Geology 1 part of Introductory Courses:Courses
This course introduces potential geology majors earth science through an investigation of the environmental quality of the local environment, and supporting just-in-time lessons.

Geological Perspectives of the Historic Buildings of New York City part of Course Design:Goals Database
This course is an exploration of the urban architectual landscape of NYC that will intergrate aspects of petrology and resource geology with the history of NYC's settlement patterns and ever-expanding trade ...

Teaching Method Module (1)

Teaching Urban Students part of Teaching Methods:Teaching Urban Students
Developed by Wayne Powell, Department of Geology, Brooklyn College, City University of New York Geoscience faculty who teach in large cities encounter a unique set of challenges and opportunities. According to the ...

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Sourcing architectural bricks by chemical analysis as an analog for sourcing magmas part of Urban Geology:Activity Ideas
Wayne Powell Brooklyn College Topic: geoarchaeology, geochemistry, source of magmas Course Type:intro upper level Description Using geochemical indices/discrimination diagrams to constrain the origin of the magma ...