David Thesenga

Alexander Dawson School

Workshop Leader, Website Contributor

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Using 3D Printers to Model Earth Surface Topography for Increased Student Understanding and Retention part of Rendezvous 2015:Program:Abstracts
Understanding and appreciating the geographic terrain is a complex but necessary requirement for middle school aged (11-14yo) students. Abstract in nature, topographic maps and other 2D renderings of the ...

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Adapting InTeGrate Modules to the High School and College Classroom part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2016:Program:Morning Workshops:Adapting InTeGrate
Participants will be introduced to InTeGrate modular materials developed to support geoscience literacy in introductory college courses. This workshop will discuss how to use these resources to address the ...