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Deborah Gross
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Project Description

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At the completion of their first year, I want FOCUS students to:
1. Feel that they belong in the STEM community at Carleton (among students, faculty, and staff).
2. Support a diverse student population in STEM at Carleton, both intentionally through activities they engage in together and by their presence in the classroom.
3. Know of and have practice using the academic resources available to promote their success, including departmental, College, and FOCUS-sponsored resources such as peer mentors, TAs, Prefects, etc.
4. Gain hands-on experience doing scientific work that is broadly applicable to multiple STEM disciplines and present it in the appropriate formal manner (lab reports, presentations, etc).
5. Explore pathways taken by those established in STEM disciplines and explore pathways that might appeal to them, based on their experiences in Carleton courses.
6. Collectively discuss topics they are studying in various introductory-level STEM courses, to introduce each other to their own intellectual excitement about topics as well as to explore connections between topics.


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Progress Report


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