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Developing an Upper Level Course in Social Neuroscience to change the title use the 'Full Editing Tools' option on the right

Lawrence Wichlinski & Sharon Akimoto, Psychology, Carleton College
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Number of Students in Class: 30

Project Description

Sharon and I seek to develop a new upper level Psychology course called Social Neuroscience. The course would also be listed as an elective for the Neuroscience concentration. Social Neuroscience is an emerging subspecialty in the field of neuroscience, revolving around changes in the human brain and nervous system as a function of social interaction. In order to develop this course we need to read books, review articles, and primary journal articles in this field. We would spend our time both collecting and reviewing materials for inclusion in this course. We would not be able to teach this course until at least the fall of 2014, but this grant would enable us to get a jump on tracking down and digesting relevant material for the class.
We would hope that students not only learn about this content area, but that they become more proficient in reading and critiquing journal articles. This course will hone their critical thinking and discussion skills.
We will seek guidance from others in the June 2013 workshop on appropriate assessment. I think we'll use both subjective (self-report) and objective measures.


The ability to read critically the primary literature on social neuroscience.
The ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of how social neuroscience is distinct from other areas of neuroscience.
An appreciation for potential applications of this discipline in other areas of psychology and neuroscience.


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