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Science Article

Open-ended peer review form for a science article

from University of Hawaii at Manoa's Writing Program (HTML).

Reviewer's Name:_______________



1) Does the manuscript warrant publication in this journal?

_____ Acceptable in present form

_____ Acceptable with minor revision, no further review necessary

_____ Major revision and a second review is required

_____ Not acceptable (provide detailed explanation under "comments" below)

2) Is the title satisfactory? Explain.

3) Does the abstract adequately summarize the paper or could it be more complete or concise? Indicate suggested revision on the manuscript or under "comments" (below).

4) Are sufficient references provided? Are they appropriate and free from obvious omissions? If not, explain.

5) Does the paper present material effectively? Indicate suggested changes on manuscript or under "comments" (below).

6) Are there errors in factual information, logic, analysis, statistics, or mathematics? __________ Address these issues in detail in the "comments" (below). Suggest improvements.

7) Mechanical errors (address on the manuscript)

_____ Figures or tables improperly or incompletely labeled or titled or not cited

_____ Misuse of references (failure to cite, reference needed and not provided)

_____ Other: _______________

8) Comments (Attach additional pages as necessary)

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