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Choosing Questions

The first step in choosing or constructing questions to use in a Just-in-Time Teaching exercise is to choose learning objectives for the exercise. Once you know what you want students to get out of the exercise, you'll be able to decide on what format of question(s) will best support those goals. Then you can search for existing questions that meet your needs or write your own.

Learning Goals

Decide on the objective(s) of your JiTT questions. What do you want your students to practice doing? For example, do you want to use the exercises to

One way to think about this is to have the JiTT exercises support your overall course goals. Another is to have them give the students practice answering the kinds of questions you ask on exams. Of course, if your exams measure students' progress toward course goals, you can accomplish both of these tasks at once.

Other Considerations

The Questions

Sources of existing JiTT questions:

Writing Your Own Questions

If you don't find existing questions that fit your needs, try writing your own. Your first draft questions may not be perfect, but they'll get you and your students started. And when you have refined them into a form you find useful, please send them to us to add to our collection.