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Manufacturers of Classroom Communication Systems

compiled by Laura Guertin
  • Qwizdom Inc.: Teaching Made Easy, Learning Made Fun.. Qwizdom, Inc. is an educational software company that provides technology to help teachers teach and student's learn using a limited number of computers in the classroom. Qwizdom products place a remote in every students' hand for instructors to obtain instant feedback during class time. It is based on infa-red technology. This technology allows instructors to select from, edit, and add to the materials in Qwizdom's curriculum courses. Instructors can present multimedia lessons, tests, reviews, games, and quizzes; generate printed worksheets or tests from multimedia-based materials; play learning games where students can "buzz in" using infra-red remotes; randomly select students to answer questions during review; and create cooperative learning groups for group activities and learning games. This website provides information and pricing on all Qwizdom products, including the hardware and curriculum software. (more info)
  • TI Navigator (TM): Classroom Learning System. This site provides information about the TI Navigator Classroom Learning System. The system is a handheld educational tool that enables teachers to be connected electronically to every student in their classroom. Information on the product includes features of the TI Navigator, FAQs, guidebooks, and how to purchase the technology. The site also contains useful information about using a variety of Texas Instruments' technology in the classroom, including project ideas, a discussion forum and a newsletter. (more info)
  • eInstruction: Partnering with educators to inspire the next generation.. This product site for the eInstruction Corporation provides information regarding their Classroom Performance System (CPS). CPS is an easy-to-use infa-red response system that obtains immediate feedback from every student. CPS results can be easily exported to Excel, Word, PDF, or the CPS grade book. CPS' automated assessment feature lets students answer test questions at their own pace while keeping track of answers and grades behind the scenes. CPS Online can give you immediate results school- and district-wide. This product site provides information on how CPS works, who uses it, success stories, example reports, FAQs and pricing. (more info)