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Gallery Walk Questions on Atmospheric Moisture

This material is replicated on a number of sites as part of the SERC Pedagogic Service Project

created by Mark Francek, Central Michigan University

The following are potential questions that could be used in a gallery walk activity about Atmospheric Mosture. The questions are organized according to the cognitive level at which students are engaged, using Bloom's Taxonomy.


What are the definitions of "dew point" and "relative humidity"?


How are condensation and precipitation different?


Given the average snow/liquid ratio, what is yearly precipitation in your town if received 24" of rain and 35.2" of snow?


Analyze the following weather map. Where are you most likely to find cumulonimbus clouds? Where would you find hot oppressively humid conditions? Where would the heat index actually be less than the air temperature?


Propose two ways you can maximize the profits your company can make as a result of humidity modification.


Prepare a debate script for coal industry executives and for EPA regarding acid deposition (acid rain).

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