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Gallery Walk Questions on Map Reading

This material is replicated on a number of sites as part of the SERC Pedagogic Service Project

created by Mark Francek, Central Michigan University

The following are potential questions that could be used in a gallery walk activity about map reading. The questions are organized according to the cognitive level at which students are engaged, using Bloom's Taxonomy.


What are the "0" lines for latitude and longitude?


Put an mark at 43° N and 150°E on the map.


1. Given a representative fraction of 1:24,000, how many miles is it from point 1 to point 2?

2. From the point picked on the following topographic map, construct a diagram of what you would see, looking a) east b)west c) south d) north.


Cite specific evidence on the topographic map for the presence of glacial, coastal, river (you choose) landforms. What processes are responsible for creating two of the four landforms that you picked?


Consider the following locations: a) your future dream house b) nuclear reprocessing facilities in North Korea. You have access to the following maps: road, contour, bedrock, soil, satellite, aerial. How would you use each of these maps to help you know more about the site.


Critique the following maps (provide examples of poorly designed maps or unconventional projection) based on the public's need for accurate, realistic portrayals of the earth's surface.

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