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Gallery Walk Questions on Atmosphere Composition

This material is replicated on a number of sites as part of the SERC Pedagogic Service Project

created by Mark Francek, Central Michigan University

The following are potential questions that could be used in a gallery walk activity about atmosphere composition, greenhouse gases, ozone. The questions are organized according to the cognitive level at which students are engaged, using Bloom's Taxonomy.


Name 2 greenhouse gases.


Group the following gases: CFC's, CO2, O3, CH4, H2SO4, HNO3


How could you use your profession to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?


Read the assigned article. What are the central arguments surrounding the debate concerning the human influence on climate change?


Invent a new product that would minimize human exposure to UV rays. Weird but scientifically correct ideas are acceptable.


List 4 ways you can protect yourself from UV radiation. Based on your lifestyle, prioritize the list, citing reasons for your list order.

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