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Lifestyle Project Handouts

The basic assignment handout

  • Lifestyle Project (Microsoft Word 43kB Oct27 10)
    (dates and specifics will need to be changed to fit your course)

Supporting documents

  • Baseline data collection (Microsoft Word 100kB Jan10 06) to determine pre-project usage patterns
  • Simple worksheet (Microsoft Word 43kB Dec23 05) for students to calculate the energy use of various tasks (similar to the handout above, but shorter)
  • Excel spreadsheet (Excel 27kB Jan10 06) for calculating energy use
  • The same spreadsheet, filled in to use as an example (Excel 27kB Jan10 06)

Handouts for introducing the project

  • Eco-quiz (Microsoft Word 39kB Nov2 07) a fun and qualitative way to assess the "eco-rating" of each student
    (some specifics will need to be changed to fit your campus)
  • Class discussion on a town meeting about how to solve an energy shortage