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Earth History Activities

Below are in-class or indoor lab Starting Point activities using an Earth history approach.

Field Labs

The following examples from the Field Labs module use an Earth history approach. The module itself contains a great deal of information about teaching outdoors.
  • "Adopt an Outcrop"
    Describing rock outcrops and hand specimens
  • Assembling a geologic history
    Assemble a regional geologic history by compiling observations made a several sites.
  • Floodplains
    In this lab, students measure a topographic and geologic cross-section across a floodplain by simple surveying and auguring techniques.
  • Geologic mapping
    Students complete a geologic map of a small area.
  • Glacial geology in the field
    Students describe and interpret glacial features exposed in gravel pits and outcrops.
  • Local Stratigraphy
    Students use field lab periods to construct a composite stratigraphic section of the area surrounding their campus.