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ConcepTest: Order of Volcano Formation

ConcepTest questions by David McConnell, David Steer , Walter Borowski, Jeffrey Dick, Annabelle Foos, Jeffrey Knott, Alvin Konigsberg, Michelle Malone, Heidi McGrew, Kathie Owens, and Stephen Van Horn


Examine the diagram below. The lettered objects represent volcanoes formed on an oceanic plate above a hot spot. The arrow illustrates the direction of plate motion. In what order did the volcanoes form (youngest to oldest)?

a. a, b, c, d, e
b. d, a, e, b, c
c. c, b, e, a, d
d. e, b, a, c, d

Diagram of Volcano Formation

Student Responses:

No data yet. The correct response is B.

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