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How to Use the Campus as a Living Laboratory?

Carleton College
  1. Find Projects that are Appropriate to the Class
  2. Find Resources and People
  3. Contribute Back
  4. Assess Student Projects
  5. Maintain a Record

Find Projects that are Appropriate to the Class

Consider the campus links to the coursework you are teaching:

Find Resources and People

Students, staff and faculty in most institutions often work in different spheres.

As one University of Minnesota faculty member mentioned at a University of Minnesota staff and faculty meeting about a campus wetland restoration, "The faculty and students often see the staff as part of the furniture; the staff often sees the faculty and students the same way." Bridging this divide is crucial for campus-based projects.
By utilizing facilities personnel wisely, the students can benefit from a hands-on, real-world project; facilities management may also utilize some research and creative thinking about campus environmental issues.

Contribute Back: Present Information to the Community

Assess Student Projects: Faculty Resources for Assessing Campus-Based Projects

Maintain a Record: Archive Student Projects

A common problem at most schools is that student projects are lost at the end of a semester. If a department or program archives the student projects, then a subsequent group of students interested in the same topic can build upon the previous student's work.

Tips for an effective archive:

Student talks with professor at Carleton College, photo by Sarah Evans

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