Using the Chamaecrista Genomics Explorer

Making sense of genomics data can be a bit daunting. The Explorer is designed to get you started analyzing genomics data by guiding you through five different strategies. You can start with any one of the strategies to ask and answer thoughtful questions. As you get more comfortable with the data, you'll find yourself combining several strategies to ask and answer more sophisticated questions. Approach the Explorer like you would a pick your own adventure type of book.

The strategies:
  • Chamaecrista biology
  • Candidate genes
  • Gene expression
  • Variation among genotypes
  • Functional genomics

Discuss with your team members how you can effectively use your group notebook. You may not always be working on the site together. Do you want to leave questions for each other in journal? Would initialing your entries help with group conversations?

Frame and record a question you would like to ask using whole transcriptome data from Chamaecrista