Aiptasia sequence data

A Genome or Transcriptome sequencing project is an ongoing effort, with new sequence data continually being generated. As new sequence data is generated, new versions of the assembly and annotations must be completed. The result is the production of different versions of a genome or transcriptome over time.

Aiptasia Assembled Transcriptomes:

Version 1 is a transcriptome derived from symbiotic anemones. It is described in this paper by Sunagawa et al. (Transcriptome of Symbiotic Aiptasia (Acrobat (PDF) 422kB Jan22 13)) The sequences and a wide variety of functional annotations are available through a searchable, blast-able web interface:

Version 1 Aiptasia Base

Version 2is a more complete transcriptome derived from aposymbiotic anemones and described in this paper by Erik Lehnert and the Pringle Lab at Stanford Transcriptome of Aposymbiotic Aiptasia pallida (Acrobat (PDF) 433kB Jan22 13). Josh Klein '12 created a second "Apo" AiptasiaBase web interface to access this data at:


If you want access to all of the sequences and some raw annotations, here is an excel file with all 58,000+ transcript sequences!

Excel File of Aposymbiotic Transcriptome Sequences and Annotations (Excel 8.5MB Jan22 13)

Version 3is an extensive transcriptome from symbiotic anemones that is more complete than Version 1. It is not yet available as an annotated sequence file, but if you would like to download the sequences, here is the Pringle Lab's raw file from their lab website:

Zip File of Symbiotic Transcriptome Sequences (gzip Archive 28.1MB Jan22 13)