EET Implementation Information

After you have participated in an EET Data Analysis Workshop and carried out a classroom project or activity with your students, you may participate in an EET Implementation Online Discussion.

In the Classroom

The case study of an EET chapter serves as an example of one way in which you might apply the data analysis techniques of the chapter to explore issues or concepts in science, technology or mathematics. Some teachers have implemented the EET case studies as written. Others have adapted the use of the tool, dataset, and analysis techniques to meet their curricular goals.

Sharing Classroom Projects and Activities

Download and complete the template below to share the results of how you have incorporated the techniques of an EET chapter into your teaching. Let us know how you used the EET in the classroom by describing the projects and activities that you carried out with your students. In addition to this template, post a PowerPoint presentation or a text file with screen shots to document your results. Include examples of representative student work (without names) and any handouts or introductory materials you may have provided to accompany the project/activity.

If the materials you used come from other sources and are copy written, please cite where they come from. If you developed the materials you used, then please cite them with Your Name, Copyright Year. For example, Susan Smith, Copyright 2010.

EET Workshops Implementation Template (Microsoft Word 30kB Sep4 07)

This file contains a template for sharing the classroom projects and activities you carried out after participating in an EET Data Analysis Workshop. Right-click on a PC or control-click on a Mac to download the template from the link above.

When you have participated in a follow Up EET Implementation Discussion (below), completed the Implementation Survey, and posted your completed template and your accompanying PowerPoint or text document and commented on what others have done, Carla McAuliffe will be in touch with you for the stipend payment procedure.

If you have any questions, please email

More About the Earth Exploration Toolbook Workshops Project

Implementation Survey

Please fill out a post-implementation survey for each workshop you implemented. If you were at three workshops, then you would fill out the survey 3 times.

Implementation Survey

Create an Account in the SERC CMS

This project is hosted by the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College. The Content Mangagement System (CMS) enables us to have online discussions. Before you can engage in an online discussion with your colleagues, you will need to create an account in the SERC CMS. If you have an account from Eyes in the Sky II, you may use it.

Implementation Discussions

Go to the workshop title to post a comment and upload implementation documents. You will need to use your login from the registration above or one you created for another project that uses the SERC CMS. If your workshop title is not listed below, check back soon.

Winter-Spring 2011 Workshops

Life in Extreme Environments

Investigating Renewable Energy Data from Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels

How Permanent is Permafrost?

Tsunami Run-up Prediction for Seaside, OR with ArcExplorer GIS

Cool Cores Capture Climate Change

Investigating Climate Change Using Observed Temperature Data

Climate History from Deep Sea Sediments

Protecting Wetlands from Exurban Development

Fall 2010 Workshops

Water Availability

Shrinking Forest - Growing Problem

Using NASA NEO and ImageJ to Explore the Role of Snow Cover in Shaping Climate

Using Satellite Images to Understand Earth's Atmosphere

Are Our Cities Warming the Earth?

What's in Your Woods?

Other EET Workshops

If you attended other online EET workshops than these listed, please use this discussion thread. Be sure to enter the title and approximate date of your workshop on the template form that you upload.

EET chapter not listed above

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