The Earth Exploration Toolbook Workshops Project

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The Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET) is an online resource for teachers and students. It is a collection of computer-based learning activities within the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) and the Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE). These activities or "chapters" in the EET provide step-by-step instructions for accessing specific data and for using a software analysis tool to explore issues or concepts in science, technology, and mathematics. EET chapters use a variety of analysis tools, including geographic information systems (GIS), image processing programs, spreadsheet applications, and others. EET chapters facilitate access to a wide range of datasets, including Landsat data from NASA, climate-modeling data from EOS-Webster, and earthquake data from the USGS, along with many others.

The EET Workshops Project provides a mechanism for teachers and students to have successful data-using educational experiences. In this professional development project, teachers participate in a pair of workshops that focus on using NSDL, DLESE, and an EET chapter. In the first workshop, the EET Data Analysis Workshop, participants walk through an Earth Exploration Toolbook (EET) chapter and discuss ways to use Earth science datasets and tools with their students. In a follow-up second workshop, the EET Implementation Workshop, they share how they used these materials in the classroom by describing the projects and activities that they carried out with students.

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EET workshops are conducted in a unique and effective way. Participants work at their own Internet-connected computers, and dial into a toll-free group teleconference for step-by-step facilitation and interaction. They also receive support via Elluminate, a Web-conferencing software. The software allows particpants to see the facilitator's computer as the analysis techniques of an EET chapter are demonstrated. If needed, the facilitator can also view individual particpant's comptuters, assisting with technical difficulties. EET Workshop attendees receive a $120 dollar stipend for participating in the workshops, carrying out activities with their students, and completing online surveys.

To view the EET Data Analysis Workshop schedule and register for an upcoming workshop, click the link below:
EET Data Analysis Workshop Schedule

To view the EET Implementation requirements for the stipend, click the link below:
EET Implementation Information

Funding for the EET Workshops Project is provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation under NSF Award #0532881. The EET Workshops Project is a National Science Digital Library, Services project.

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