Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: This chapter was retired in October 2018. The visualization tool (My World GIS) is no longer supported.

Part 1Download Software and Data

Download and Install My World GIS software, Wetland project file, and Land Use data.

Part 2Launch My World and Explore Land Use Data

Launch My World GIS, practice moving around on the map, and then import local Land Use and Land Cover data. Edit the appearance of the Land Use layer.

Part 3Investigate Land Use Data

Add a legend to the Land Use data. Add the Florida Interstate 10 layer and a Topographic map to the project.

Part 4Prepare Data for Analysis

Buffer Florida Interstate 10 to limit the range of development to 15 kilometers from the highway. Select and then buffer the wetlands in the Land Use layer. Consider locations for development.

Part 5Analyze Data and Propose Location for New Development

Select data based on spatial location, create three separate polygons to propose locations for new a development. Print the map and prepare presentation.