Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1Permafrost Primer

Read background information to learn the basics about permafrost. Consider why permafrost is important, and how its changes are impacting the region and Earth.

Part 2Download and Install Software and Data

Go to the Google Earth Web site, download and install Google Earth. Then download the Permafrost EET kmz file for use in this chapter.

Part 3Use Google Earth to Locate Chersky, Russia and Explore Permafrost

Launch Google Earth and explore the region around Chersky, Russia. Add the Permafrost Layer to the map and discover the distribution of Permafrost types.

Part 4Analyze Borehole Data for Temperature Trends

Use Microsoft Excel to create graphs in order to analyze permafrost borehole and surface temperature data from 1950-2000.

Part 5View Temperature Trends in Google Earth

Add the GISS Surface Temperature data to the Google Earth map. Compare the trends in the GISS surface temperature data (winter and summer) with the borehole temperature data trends.