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A biology example from Carla  

Hi Everyone,
I just thought I'd test out the discussion area and get us started with this mini-lesson.

This mini-lesson uses ImageJ and the analysis technique of measuring. When studying evolution, students can compare digital images of human and gorilla skeletons from The Eskeletons Project (http://www.eskeletons.org/). Images can be downloaded from the comparative anatomy section and brought into ImageJ to compare sizes. Images have scale bars. Here is a human cranium. Looks like I'll need to reply to this post to attach the gorilla cranium.



human_cran.jpg ( 19kB Sep13 07)


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Here is the gorilla cranium.

Here is something to note. If you simply type the URL of a Web site into your post, the CMS automatically creates a link for you. Test out the eskeletons link above.



gorilla_cran.jpg ( 21kB Sep13 07)


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This site is amazing. Thanks. Maureen


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