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mono lake  

I have honestly not had a minute to really work on anything, but I have been trying to find images of mono lake. I would like students to stack and animate images from various years in ImageJ to see changes in lake size. I would then like to expand the ImageJ lesson and have students measure the new area exposed. We are using Mono Lake as an example of feeding relationships in an ecosystem and how a change in one abiotic factor causes changes throughout the system. I have only been able to use one prep period and have not had luck finding useful images. Any tips would be great as my schedule is beyond chaotic and there is no time for any extras...like eating and sleeping. Sorry I can not add more to this discussion.


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Ditto on finding images. I found a LANDSAT photo of Monterey, CA in my text and I've been trying to find other satellite images online that show vegetation cover (land use) very much like the speaker we had during the summer. I know they are somewhere, I just need some time and inclination to find them!


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