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IR satellite images to see vegetation  

I've been so overwhelmed at the beginning of this year-- I had so many great ideas during the summer (where did they all go??) I was at the Sea Perch workshop in MIT this week completing the mini-sub (more about that later) In my 7th grade text book chapter 2 about living things, it shows several LANDSAT images of Monterey, CA. The images show red sections that are vegetation. I did want to have the students look at deforestation/ time analysis with Brazil images later this year, but what I wanted them to do first is just threshold an image or two and calculate the %area that is red(veg). There are sections in the picture that are forest and others that are farmland (what percenatge of land is farm? what percentage is forest? Is there more forst than farm?) I just wanted some simple starts for them now and then later get into looking at images to stack. I've been swamped this week-- can't find any good images --probably not looking in the right area; don't know if the Image program is on any computer except my laptop-- Haven't seen or heard any tech person in my area-- don't know if I have to submit a tech request to have them install things-- thought they would have installed things over the summer) Oh well, this is my life right now-- soup-sandwich. I'll try to respond to some others over the weekend. Off to Michaels.


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