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Changes in the Length of the Day  

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Throughout the year students will be gathering and analyzing data to figure our the reason for seasons as well as how the tilt of the Earth relates to daylength and changes in weather patterns. In this mini-lesson students will format sunrise and sunset data from aa.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/aa_rstablew.pl into an Excel spreadsheet in order to create a line graph. In a subsequent lesson students will use the same website and Excel to create and analyze a graph of a latitude of their choice and will compare the differences in daylength.


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Carla- I just checked the link on this thread and it will not go to the site I can see on my computer. Perhaps, people can try this link to the general page: http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/RS_OneYear.php

I hope this works!


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Hi Jody,

When we at the link above, what choices do we need to select in oder to get to the data we should download? That way we can practice getting data into Excel.


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Hi All! Once you clink on the link and get directed to the USNO website fill out Form A. I used the following:

Year: 2007
Type of Table: Sunrise/Sunset
State: Massachusetts
City: Boston

Good luck!


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Don't forget the times are in military time (you can select a format in excel that can handle it) and the table doesn't account for daylight saving. (that doesn't matter if you are just finding the amount of daylight) I've been using this website,too; it's great!


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