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Properties Unique About Me  

This post was edited by Maureen Hughes on Sep, 2007
Assessing student strengths in organization and writing is important in the opening weeks as well as appreciating each student as unique. I have used this one week Essay Development Checklist - Properties Unique about Me to assist me with assessment, introductions as well as open up discussions about the importance of vocabulary. This year I am having this assignment follow a week of introduction to technology. Students in class will use world maps in class to explore features of their land of origin as an activator at the start of class. I will ask students about difficulties they may be having in locating their information. Then using the presentation station to demonstate GIS capabilities I intend to dazzle them with easy information access. This is to expand our coversations in class about the power of techology in our quest for knowledge and be an introduction to the GIS. Each student will get to work with a GIS project in the computer Lab when we enter Geology in about four weeks.


properties_unique_about_me.doc (Microsoft Word 27kB Sep19 07)


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Hi Maureen

I like your idea of letting students use a world map first to locate an area and try to figure out different information. Once they see what the Arc Explorer can do, I think they will be excited. We all look for ways in which we can get accurate information quickly and visually.

Would you mind if I borrowed your ideas for our 6th grade social studies class?

Diane Porter


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I am flattered. This one essay while it takes a bit of time I have found that the students really get into it and produce some of their best work. I have a GIS lab planned for Geology lesson that allow students to acess. A bonus is that I had a few quiet moments to work with TECH person and get the files loaded on my computer and talk about logistics of loading this on 30 computers.
I am working with both the social studies and english teachers on proof reading and map reading skills. Thanks for your interest.


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