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Cell Organelles  

Students are usually shown diagrams of plant and animal cells with labeled organelles. Many do not grasp the concept that these structures are real, 3-dimensional structures containing organelles that vary in size. Students will be given cell micrograph images containing organelles such as mitochondria, lysosomes, rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, chloroplasts, vacuoles, starch granules,golgi, plasma membranes, and nuclear membranes. By using ImageJ, they will be able to identify these organelles in cell micrographs and compare their sizes. To complete this lesson, student will do the following:
1. Open the image with Image J.
2. Use the line tool to measure the scale line.
3. Set the scale by clicking Analyze…Set Scale and putting in the known distance and changing the units to um.
4. Use the line tool to measure each organelle then click Analyze and Measure.

Micrographs containing a scale are available on: http://bioweb.wku.edu/courses/biol22000/11Organelles/Fig.html


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Hi Mary Lavin,
This lesson of yours refreshes my memory. Understanding how to set a scale, was a challenge to me. not any more, I hope.


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Hi Mary,
Thanks for the websites. They are great and work right into my curriculum. It will give me a chance to show the kids Image J sooner rather than later as most of my ideas don't fit into the curriculum until later in the year.
Mary V


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Mary, nice web links! I have been playing with Image-J but I decided to start off with Excell first. I may borrow from your instruction pice if that is ok.


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Diana, please use whatever you like. It's great to see others use this material.


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