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Hi Christine,
In response to your question, I found this article with some interesting image pairs.




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Carla- Those pictures are really cool. I would love to show them to the students, just to get some discussion going about cliamte change and what types of situations may occur. I would probably just show them the pictures like that, although it may be more dramatic to put into animation. What do you think?


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Hi Christine,

You might want to start by showing the images as side by side comparisons (the way they are). Then you might want to have students download them and put them in a two slice stack...not actually animating them, but flipping back and forth between them, writing down observations.

You might also have kids pick out the pair that interests them the most and have them quantify their observations. For example, it might be possible to measure the area of glacial coverage in the first image pair.



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