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Moon phase data  

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Christine asked for help in an email, but let's use the discussion area for these kinds of requests. She asked for help locating Moon phase images.

This is one of my favorite sites, Virtual Reality Moon phases:

Here is another useful site, The Earth and Moon Viewer:



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Hi Christine:

Here's a nice animation of a single lunation.

It's already put together in an animation, but it may be useful.

Lunar smiles,


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LuAnn and Carla- Thanks for the links. I was trying to figure out how to put together my own animation, but wasn't able to find suitable pictures. LuAnn's animation solve dthat problem for me. One question though- when making an animation on ImageJ, do all of the images have to be the same size to begin with?


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Hi Christine,

All of the images do need to be the same size in order to "stack" them. If they are not the same size, it is fairly easy to make them that way. Please see my post to Diane about making images the same size.



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Hi Christine,
I have learned a lot from the links. Thanks


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