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Micromelting Point Lab in Excel  

My dataset will come from data generated from students, so there is nothing to download (I hope that is ok). We are going to do a micromelting point lab, where kids find the melting point of one crystal of an unknown substance. They need to do at least 5 trials, and then we will combine data across all classes. I'm going to have them use Excel to do a variety of things: (1) graph their own trials in different colors to see the variability in their own procedure, (2) graph the class data to find any outliers, and (3) use Excel to calculate the mean melting points for their trials and for the class as a whole. They will then decide which data is most reliable and should be used in determining the melting point of the unknown.


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Hi Amy,

Do you have a sample dataset we can try out from years past? It can be really small or you could post a "dummy" dataset. Our hope with this event is to give everyone a chance to try out the techniques in these mini-lessons. It would be fine to provide data to test out just one of the techniques you describe, such as graphing their own trials in different colors.



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Hi Amy! What type of crystals are you using with your students? This activity sounds interesting and I'd like to learn more.



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