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This mini-lesson uses Excel. The students would use the data from http://www.worldclimate.com/ to create climatograms of several different cities. A climatogram has months of the year on the horizontal axis and average temperature and precipitation on the vertical axis. The students would first import the data into Excel, and then create the climatograms. They should choose three cities to illustrate the different types of climate- polar, temperate and tropical.


world_climate_data.html (HTML File 6kB Sep17 07)


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I too teach climate studies to my students and have never thought to try climatograms; I will definately try this mini-lesson! Thanks!



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I have made climographs for my students in the past and then had them interpret them and figure out what city they are looking at. If you make the double-plot axes graph a template, they can easily use any data you find (or they find) and they can quiz each other (what hemisphere is this city? what type of climate? how much precip? highest/ lowest temp? etc.
Great idea for the students to use excel!


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