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excell bumper car design project  

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I plan to use an excel lesson with my students. I will have them create spreadsheets in the computer lab and then experiment with the graphing programs to come up with a sales presentation for their bumper car designs.
In this lesson, students will create a manual table from data they collect using hands-on tile manipulates and paper design patterns. The lesson asks students to imagine they are Amusement park design engineers who have been asked to create several floor designs for bumper car rides. They are to then calculate the number of floor tiles and rails for each of the eight designs. They do this by laying 1-inch tiles on the paper patterns for each design. Students then estimate the cost of each design material and the total price. I will have students bring their rough draft to the computer lab, copy their data into excel, and then design a graph for their data.

Diana Cost


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data_table.doc (Microsoft Word 34kB Sep17 07)


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Hi Diana,

Do you have a sample dataset we can try out from years past? It can be really small or you could post a "dummy" dataset. Our hope with this event is to give everyone a chance to try out the techniques in these mini-lessons.



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Hi Diana Cost,
This is the real stuff, it's not a mini try-out lesson, I think. It is a big project.Very good.


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Hi Carla, The data table was posted with the lesson as an attachment. I see it above what you wrote to me. Is it not there?? Apparently the file is below my first post I am not sure why it did not attach in it. But it does open for me.
Did you want an excell file instead?


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Thank you Hassan. By the way I spoke with our ELL teacher and she is interested in helping and observing at your school. Maybe we could team up and I could bring this lesson with??


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