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Mitosis mini lesson  

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This mini lesson uses Image J and the technique of animation.
http://biology.nebrwesleyan.edu/benham/mitosis/ (No longer available)
Students will download the images and then open them in Image J in order. They will complete two stacks; one for an animal cell and one for a plant cell. They will animate the images to simulate mitosis. This lesson can also be done as a demonstration.


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What are the steps to download the images to the Image J? Are they gonna copy and paste? Or is there another way of doing it?


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Right click on the image and save to desktop. Open the file in Image J and then you can stack and animate the images.


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I love this idea for a lesson. It's simple and will definitley help students to visualize mitosis in action.


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I agree--a great idea for mitosis. When I have students look at the phases on a slide, I have them count how many are in each phase and find the percent of cells in each phase. That actually is a good estimation of how long each phase takes. I wonder if Excel could tie in here to compile all students' data, find outliers, and graph it?


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