Preparing Final Investigation Write-Ups

From now until we meet again on March 24th, we would like to give you the opportunity to finalize and post your investigation write-ups on the web site. The goal is to share information that will help your colleagues and future teachers interested in implementing your investigations.

We would like for you to have posted two completed write-ups once you have finished implementing your second DataTools investigation. Unless you ask us not to, we will keep these write-ups on our Web site for other teachers to use and adapt in their classrooms.

Please download and complete the Final Investigation Write-Up document. You will recognize the first part of the document as the Investigation Template we provided to you this summer. At the end of this document, we have added some questions specific to implementing your investigation in the classroom. We have also included an example investigation write-up.

Once you have completed your write-up, please upload the documents to the February discussion area. Include a short one or two sentence description of what you have posted.

Final Investigation Write-Up (Microsoft Word 85kB Feb8 07)
Right-click on a PC or control-click on a MAC to download the template from the link above.

Example Investigation: Sizing Up Cells (Microsoft Word 141kB Oct9 07)
Right-click on a PC or control-click on a MAC to download the example investigation from the link above.

Click here to access the Final Investigations posting area