Sharing Activity Plans

We look forward to seeing you next Saturday, October 14 for our follow up workshop at TERC! In addition to what we have planned for you, Judy will be sharing her Polar bear slides from her summer trip to Churchill in Manatoba Canada.

At our Saturday event, you will have the opportunity to share your investigation plans with your colleagues. You will have about five minutes to make a brief PowerPoint presentation to your peers. Your presentation will summarize your Investigation Plan, building from the work you have done on your plan since the summer and the work did last week during our online event.

We have prepared a PowerPoint Template (PowerPoint 410kB Oct6 06) to guide the presentations you make.
Right-click on a PC or control-click on a MAC to download the template from the link above.

Here is an Example PowerPoint (PowerPoint 431kB Oct6 06) based on the Deforestation example from last week.
Right-click on a PC or control-click on a MAC to download the example PowerPoint from the link above.

On or before October 14, we would like for you to post both your PowerPoint and your Investigation Plan to the discussion area below. Once again, you can find the Investigation Template in the Investigation Resources section of the Web site. Even if your plan lacks a few details, please post what you have completed so far.

Please name your PowerPoint using the following format: LastName_Title.ppt

Click here to post your October 14 PowerPoint and Investigation Plans