Step-by-Step Instructions

Note: This chapter was retired in October 2018. The visualization tool (My World GIS) is no longer supported.

Part 1Download Software and Data

Download My World GIS software, a Maine Forest project file, and Forest Inventory Growth (FIG) and Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) data from Maine.

Part 2Explore Biodiversity Using A Forest Inventory Growth (FIG) Dataset from Maine

Open the FIG Dataset with Excel and create a pie chart to investigate biodiversity of tree species.

Part 3Launch My World GIS and Import Auburn Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) Data

Launch My World and open the Maine Forest Project File. Practice working with My World GIS software. Last, import Auburn Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) data as a new layer.

Part 4Prepare Auburn FIA Data for Analysis

Symbolize the twenty FIA Plots. Then subset the FIA Plot data to create a new layer for Plot #2.

Part 5Compare Biodiversity of Local Forest Plots

Analyze and compare data from two forest plots in the Auburn Woods (FIA Plot #2 to FIG Plot). Then compare the single plot to the the larger set of plots from the Auburn Woods.

Part 6Compare Biodiversity of Regional Forest Plots and Consider Environmental Conditions

Compare the biodiversity of two plots from two different regions of Maine and consider environmental conditions that influence biodiversity.