Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1Download GeoMapApp and Explore the Seafloor Near the Galapagos Islands

Explore the Galapagos spreading center using GeoMapApp. Learn the basic functions of the tool using the location of the first discovery and underwater images from the site.

Part 2Explore Bathymetry Data from the East Pacific Rise

Create a topographic profile across the East Pacific Rise. Explore relationships between locations of hydrothermal vents and the topography of a spreading center using high-resolution data from Ridge 2000 research at the East Pacific Rise.

Part 3Observe Life in Extreme Environments

Read, observe photographs, explore web pages, and watch movies to learn about the various organisms living in and around hydrothermal vents fields.

Part 4Explore More Extreme Environments by Importing Images and Data

Explore more images of life in extreme environments. Use latitude and longitude coordinates to import images and data from the internet.

Part 5Use East Pacific Rise Data to Test a Hypothesis

Form hypotheses about the ecosystem of the East Pacific Rise. Analyze patterns in observations of location, species concentration and diversity, vent structures, water temperature, or chemistry. Suggest ideas for future study based on hypotheses.

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