Step-by-Step Instructions

Part 1Launch Virtual Ocean

Download and launch Virtual Ocean. Practice manipulating the map. Exaggerate the elevation and examine seafloor features.

Part 2Load Seafloor Data and Search For Suitable Research Regions

Load Plate Boundaries and Seafloor Crustal Ages, search for research regions.

Part 3Locate a Suitable Core in the Southern Ocean

Add the Ocean Drilling Cores datasets and search for a suitable core in the Southern Ocean. Use Virtual Ocean to examine the age-depth plot and vane shear graph.

Part 4Search for Key Foraminifera: Indicators of Global Warming

Access the CHRONOS data portal, search for specific foraminifer species. Download the data from CHRONOS and import it into Virtual Ocean. Examine the location of the cores that contain these species to answer the question: was the warming of the PETM a global event?