Going Further


Other Data

NASA NEO is an easy to use source of satellite imagery that can be downloaded in Google Earth format. Several NASA NEO datasets that would be interesting to combine with this project include the following:
Solar Insolation
Carbon Monoxide
Aerosol Optical Thickness
Data from the AIRS satellite can be downloaded via the Giovanni interface. Once at the Giovanni site, use the simple instructions, below, to select and download a data set from Giovanni.

Other Techniques

NASA Citizen Science Experiment
Why Monitor Air Quality?This experiment encourages student research that combines hands-on data collection with satellite imagery.

Related Case Studies

Other EET chapters that utilize Google Earth as a tool and satellite imagery as a data source include the following:

Exploring Monsoon Precipitation and Streamflow in a Semi-arid WatershedLearn about a small, semi-arid watershed in the mountains near Tucson, Arizona.

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