Going Further


Some additional combinations of NEO datasets to explore include the following:

  • Net Radiation, Snow Cover and Solar Insolation
  • Sea Surface Temperature and Net Primary Productivity
  • Sea Surface Temperature and Water Vapor
  • Reflected Short Wave Radiation and Cloud Cover (cirrus or total)
  • Sea Ice and Snow Cover over the course of a season
  • Solar Insolation (incoming radiation) and Reflected Short Wave Radiation
  • Sea Surface Temperature, Water Vapor, Outgoing Long Wave Radiation, and leaf cover for summer versus winter in the Northern Hemisphere

Rainforests at a Crossroads NEO exercise #3Limits to Plant Growthexplores the relationship between Solar Insolation, Land Surface Temperature and Rainfall.

Other Tools

Import and overlay some of the NEO datasets into Google Earth.

Related Case Studies

Other EET chapters that utilize ImageJ as a tool and satellite imagery as a data source include the following:

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