Michelle Kim

Initial Publication Date: January 28, 2012

Assistant Professor of Economics
1500 North Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA 91208 mkim@glendale.edu


Background Information

I received my MA in Economics from University of California, Irvine and now teach Economics and Social Sciences at Glendale Community College in California.

Ever since I was introduced to Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and discovered creative teaching methods at the Teaching Innovations Program in Econoimcs workshop in 2008, I have developed an unquenchable thirst to continuously improve my teaching and study the changing approach to learning by students. I have participated in numerous workshops and committees to discuss pedagogical ideas, including Faculty Inquiry Group on Collaborative Learning, Writing Across the Curriculum, and Service Learning Committee. I am excited to have helped start and recently witnessed the birth of Faculty Center for Learning and Teaching at Glendale College and look forward to increased interest and involvement by the wider community.

There are countless areas of teaching I would like to learn, but particularly more about Context Rich Problems, Cooperative Learning, and Service Learning. Having double majored in economics and political economy as a student and then had the opportunity to teach a Social Sciences class that focuses on political science and economics and the interrelationship of the different fields in the social sciences, I would also like to examine more effective ways of employing Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching as well. I greatly enjoyed the first annual AEA Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education this past June and am thrilled that events like this will flourish with growing support.

This spring, I will be launching Glendale College's first hybrid online economics course and anticipate engaging in stimulating discussions on the different aspects of online teaching in the Knowledge Exchange Networks (KENs) on online instructions group that is currently in the process of being formed.

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