Brian Lynch

Initial Publication Date: February 11, 2011

Economics Lecturer
Lake Land College
5001 Lake Land Blvd
Mattoon, IL 61938


Background Information

I teach Principles of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics at Lake Land College, Mattoon, Illinois. I have my masters in Arts(specializing in economics) from the University College of Dublin, Ireland. I taught high school for one year after obtaining a certificate to teach business education at the secondary level. My teaching interests are in the area of game theory, structural unemployment and business cycles.

Related Pedagogical Projects

I created test bank questions for four new chapters of Colander's Economics textbook(8th edition). I wrote pre-test and post-test questions for the Online Learning Center for the Schiller textbook. I attended the Gulf Coast Economics Teaching Conference in October 2010. I reviewed and created new PowerPoint slides for the Moomaw book. . I have also been part of the review process for Parkin and Bade, Taylor, Slavin, and Parkin textbooks. I have presented on the field of economics to local high school students. I have presented on various aspects of online learning at several technology conferences.