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W. Edward Chi

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Assistant Professor, Economics
Moreno Valley College, Riverside Community College District
16130 Lasselle Street
Moreno Valley, CA 92551


Background Information

W. Edward Chi, MA, (aka "Eddy") became interested in helping students learn as a part of his graduate economics training at the University of California, Irvine, where he worked as a teaching assistant and associate (2004-2007) in the School of Social Sciences. He stayed in California and worked as a part-time instructor (2008-2009) at Glendale Community College and Pasadena Community College before joining the Riverside Community College District as a full-time faculty member at Moreno Valley College where he now teaches introductory economics classes. Eddy's teaching has been heavily influenced and inspired by the growing community of educators working to improve student learning (many of whom are listed here on the SERC website). Most of what students do in Eddy's classes comes from their books, workshops, websites, and countless other contributions. He continues to learn from this community and hopes to give back to it in the future.

Related Pedagogical Projects

Eddy is assisting in projects at his home institution and beginning to work with educators from other institutions. He was recently selected to participate in a national initiative to promote the use of innovative economic education at community colleges. He is also assisting colleagues in developing a repository for questions and problems that can be used by economics educators in classes under any number of active learning pedagogies. At his home institution, Eddy is an Online Course Mentor, helping fellow faculty use the district's course management system to improve student learning, and a member its technology committee, making recommendations on how technology could be better used to support instruction. In his own classes, Eddy is beginning to assess the effectiveness of the "Team-Based Learning" teaching strategy he recently adopted.